Life can get messy! 

Thankfully there's a Mentoring Intensive for that!


Mentoring Intensive

May 22-23, 2021
Zephyr Point Conference Center
Lake Tahoe
The retreat is at capacity.  Please use the signup form to add your name to the waiting list.
A deposit of $80 will hold your spot for the mentoring intensive.  Please use our payment form at the bottom of the page.

Mentoring Intensive

Life can get really messy!

We as women face A LOT of challenges every day - family dynamics, marriage, work, children, and the list goes on! It can get really overwhelming! And, sadly there is no shortage of advice on how to deal with problems in a way that is, shall we say, less than God honoring.

Hi!  I'm Sherry Poundstone!

As a pastor, author, women’s leader and mentor, I have had the opportunity to reach 1,000s of women with the Word of God. One of the things that women ask me all the time is for advice on how to manage life’s challenges as well as how to live a God pleasing life. That’s why I’m hosting a weekend mentoring Intensive for women just like you.
Sherry Poundstone

Here's what the Intensive is About:

Giving you a weekend away from the challenges and frustrations of everyday life so you can rest, relax and unwind.
Sharing Godly, life affirming advice about the problems and difficulties that keep you up at night.
Meeting new friends who can relate and face many of the same challenges you do.
Coming away with a fresh perspective, tools to help you face challenges head on and encouragement to live your life as a woman after God’s own heart.
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