Pleasing/Following God

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As much as I would like to please people, I desire to please God more. Therefore, I recommit to what God has called me to do and be. It’s not easy and sometimes I feel like quitting. It’s amazing that in the tough times He brings encouragement in the most unusual ways. 

Could be a vision, a dream, a new understanding of His Word, or a worship song. This week, it was an “I know that I know that I know” moment and a deeper revelation as to what the enemy would like to destroy. But Satan is a defeated foe and I am and will be VICTORIOUS! 

Questions/Comments I often get from women on this subject:

• How do I do that? 

• How do I stay on course with God and not worry about pleasing people?

• Easy for you to say!

• Thank you for saying what I needed to hear.

I share these questions with you only to say that I believe this may be one of the toughest areas of a Christ follower’s life. 

Most of us, whether we like to admit it or not, have the desire to please others. We want to be accepted and we want people to like us.

In Psalm 32:8 (NLT), we read “The LORD says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.”

God is telling us that He will guide us along the best pathway for our lives. He will advise us. He will watch over us. It is very clear here that He is the one to follow. 

So, why is it so difficult to follow God’s direction and not those of our family, friends, etc? 

Most everyone will have an opinion about how we should live our lives. The roles we should play in any given situation, the choices we should make and even the people we should befriend.

Do you find it challenging to shut out the voices of others and only hear God’s voice? Why?

Why is the opinion and input from other people so LOUD in our ears? How can we keep it from drowning out God’s instruction?

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